Heroin addiction treatment

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Heroin Treatment in Illinois

The rising availability and abuse of SEA and SA heroin is a significant problem, particularly in the Chicago area. (See Appendix for responses to the NDIC National Drug Threat Survey 2000.) Even though most heroin users in Chicago are African American, heroin abuse by young white users is increasing significantly throughout the suburbs of Chicago Illinois. Chicago is both a major destination for heroin and a transshipment point for heroin destined for other Great Lakes Region cities and towns, as well as the Midwest. Nigerian and Colombian heroin traffickers utilize couriers aboard commercial aircraft and package services to import heroin into the state.

Other indicating factors that point to an increase in heroin abuse include a 60 percent increase in heroin-related deaths in Chicago in 1997, as well as an additional 12 percent rise during 1998 concurrently.

The Chicago Police Department reports that heroin abuse is increasing indefinitely, and it rates heroin as the second greatest drug threat posed in its jurisdiction. Many societal indications of heroin abuse, such as treatment admissions and overdoses in Chicago, have been increasing for the past decade, according to CEWG statistics.

Heroin is an illegal opiate substance. It is extremely addictive as users find that they have a need for persistent, repeated use of the substance (known as craving) and that their attempts to cease using heroin lead to significant and painful physical withdrawal effects. Use of heroin causes physical and psychological problems such as shallow breathing, nausea, panic, insomnia, and an urge to increase the dose of the drug to get the same effect.

Heroin is a white to brown powder or gummy substance derived from the opium poppy, is injected intravenously, sniffed, or smoked. Usually, heroin is used every four to six hours in doses of 4 to 8 milligrams each. The intense euphoria of heroin lasts only a few hours.