Heroin addiction treatment

Drug rehab services will help you to find the best heroin treatment in the state of Louisiana. Our certified counselors will guide you and your family trough all the steps to get a drug free life. You will find useful information on heroin addiction in Louisiana.

Heroin Treatment in Louisiana

New Orleans heroin abuse has increased during the last 2 years, although its use is minimal throughout the rest of the state. Distribution and heroin use are the main factors behind recent increases in violent crime, are growing fastest in New Orleans’ inner-city housing projects. Dominican wholesalers based out of New York City supply most of the New Orleans street gangs with heroin for retail distribution.
Many treatment counselors report that injection is the preferred method of administration for young, inner-city heroin users. It is a quick method of ingestion and produces the most dramatic “high”. Although syringes can be purchased without a prescription in the state of Louisiana, there is normally resistance on the part of the user to purchase new needles.

Treatment counselors ascertain this is because of paraphernalia laws that allow police to test for the presence of heroin in a person’s system if a needle is in his or her possession. It is customary for inner-city users to share needles and drug paraphernalia, treatment counselors say. While New Orleans district treatment providers seek to break users of such habits, they note needle sharing contributes to high levels of blood-borne diseases including hepatitis C and AIDS. Counselors in New Orleans report that the supply of heroin on the streets is at it’s peak, reaching an all time high in the last few years.

Eating habits serve as useful indicators of heroin use. The heroin addict usually has a poor appetite. It is easy for parents to notice that their child is eating less or losing weight quickly. On an average, a heroin addict loses 22 pounds by the time he completes a year of addiction.

There are also a shift in the heroin addict’s food preferences. There is a sudden craving for sweet dishes – the reason is that brown sugar is bitter. Often, the heroin addict may interrupt his or her meal and go to the bathroom to vomit. Also, the addict may slip into a heroin ‘nod’ and doze off while at the table. The addict’s sleep pattern becomes owlish. The person stays awake during the night. At times the sleep is punctuated by bouts of coughing. In the later stages of addiction, the addict does not seem to sleep at all.

What treatment is available for opiate addiction?

The four basic approaches to substance abuse treatment are: detoxification (supervised withdrawal from narcotic dependence, either with or without medication) in a hospital or as an outpatient, therapeutic communities where patients live in a very structured drug-free environment and are encouraged to help themselves, outpatient drug-free programs which emphasize numerous forms of counselling as the main treatment, and methadone maintenance which uses methadone, a substitute for heroin, on a daily basis to help individuals lead productive lives while still in treatment.